Dorchester North Charleston

Charleston Restaurant Week for only $20 September 5-16 Dine-in only

  1. Choice of:  Drink, Iced Tea or Small Hot Sake
  2. Choice of: Edamame or Vegetable Spring Roll or Spinach Cheese Sticks or Fried Beef Potstickers
  3. Choice of: Miso or House Soup or House Salad
  4. Choice of: Hibachi Trio, Pad Thai, Yaki Udon, Tsunami Fried Rice, 2 Roll Combo (Specialty Roll and 1 Regular Roll)

Specialty Roll Choices:

Black Dragon | Emperor |Firecracker |Heartbreaker |My..my.. Mai! |Nemo |Pink Dragon |Red Dragon Red Rainbow |The Duffy |Triple Tuna Delight |Tsunami Roll |Ultimate

Regular Roll Choices:

Alaska |Asparagus Roll |California |Charleston |Crab Crunch |Crab Roll |Crunch |Cruchy Wasabi Cucumber Roll |Deluxe Crunch |Dynamite |Escolar Roll |Fried Oyster |G.M.C. |Great California Montana |New York |Philly |Phoenix |Rainbow |Salmon Roll |Spicy Calamari
Spicy Tuna Roll |Super Crunch |Tuna Roll |Veggie Roll |Yellowtail Roll

Happy Hour 4pm-7pm Daily

$3.50 House Wine (glass)
Half price Hot Sake (small & large)
$2.50 Domestics

Early Bird 4pm-6pm Daily

Teriyaki Chicken Dinner $10
Hibachi Shrimp Dinner $12
Chicken & Shrimp Dinner $14.50
3 Select Sushi Rolls for $12
choose from:
Godzilla, KAT, Dynamite, G.M.C., Spicy Tuna, California, Deluxe Crunch, Crunch, Philly, Veggie, Salmon, Alaska, Spicy Calamari, Yellowtail, Crab, Escolar, New York, Cucumber, Asparagus, Salmon Skin, Crunchy Wasabi, Charleston, Crab Crunch, Great California, Montana, Phoenix

****All specials/discounts/promos are dine-in only****


Mount Pleasant

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Columbia (Vista)

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